American Single Malt (Barrel Strength 57%)

Single Malt Whiskey (57% ABV)

Our Single Malt is our pride and joy and limited. Made from 100% Barley. This big, bold whiskey mash bill is based on a Porter mash bill, Golden Promise Pale Malt, Munich Malt, Crystal 60, and 2% Chocolate Malt. This blend laid to rest for 6 years in New American Oak Char #3 barrels. Filled at an entry proof of 114, which lends itself to the sweeter, vanilla and butterscotch extractions of wood sugars.  

Tasting Notes: Bright malt nose, stone fruits and roasty notes on the palate, leave you with a taste chocolate, lasting finish… this is a very limited batch and will be gone soon.

Cocktail Recommendations: This deserves to be enjoyed by itself or with a cube of ice but if you really want to experience it in a cocktail, an Old Fashioned.


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