American Single Malt (Barrel Strength 57%)

Single Malt Whiskey (57% ABV)

Our Single Malt is our pride and joy and limited. It is made up of  30% Munich Malt, 2% Chocolate, 6% Crystal 60 and 62% Pale Malt (Porter Beer Mash). We have aged it for three years eight month in our Char 3 American Oak barrels to give it the love it deserves. It is made in a classic fashion and has a taste that will stand the test of time.

Tasting Notes: Strong nose of complex brown sugar flavors, followed by a strong warm carmely flavor with a long roasted biscuit finish

Cocktail Recommendations: This deserves to be enjoyed by itself or with a cube of ice but if you really want to experience it in a cocktail, an Old Fashioned.


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