Blanco Agave Spirit

Agave Spirit (40% ABV)

Our Agave Spirit (aka Tequila) is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave. We source this from Jalisco, Mexico, where the Pina’s (main source of agave) are cooked in traditional ovens, juiced, packaged and shipped to our door. This quality nectar is then fermented and distilled (8 hours) to create our house Agave Spirit. Enjoy this earthy, crisp spirit as we age our Reposado and Anejo in our barrels to give you a full varietal of Agave spirits to choose from later this year. 

Tasting Notes: Crisp honey aroma with a blend of fresh cut grass and sweet apple or pear taste and lingering smooth earthy taste on the tongue 

Cocktail Recommendations: This will make any margarita amazing but we prefer it as a Paloma (grapefruit) or a Farmarita (carrot).


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