Blue Corn Whiskey

Blue Corn Whiskey (47% ABV)

Crafted in mind for the explorer, but don’t be shy to venture into this spirit! During the fermentation process, its vivid color & buttery fragrance flows through the distillery, trailing a sweet & complex aroma. Made from 100% Organic and non-GMO Blue Corn, also known as Hopi Maze, this whiskey stands alone in flavor. Blue corn is an heirloom varietal, dating back over 100 years, making it one of the oldest families of corn. By mashing this ancient grain we pulled a plethora of tannins, spice & creaminess you would miss in a classic yellow corn whiskey. You may even notice a higher viscosity & thick legs trailing down your glass as you sip! We aged this batch for 4 1/2 years in American Oak Char #3 barrels. 

Tasting Notes: Strong on the nose ofdough and butter, finishing on the pallet with butterscotch, cream and walnut

Cocktail Recommendations: This deserves to be enjoyed by itself or with a cube of ice but if you really want to experience it in a cocktail, an Old Fashioned.


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