Immature Brandy

Immature Brandy (46% ABV)

This is our version of Pisco. For those of you not familiar with Pisco, it is an immature or non aged Brandy from Chili or Peru. The base of this spirit is the same as the Vodka (grapes from California) but the difference is in the distillation process. The Immature Brandy (legal name by law) is distilled for about 8 hours to a lower proof which retains the flavors and sweet taste. The Immature Brandy becomes an instant favorite to vodka lovers as it’s a bit sweeter and a little stronger. 

Tasting Notes: Beautiful notes of sweet honey in the smell and an apple/honey like taste. Not tart and leaves mouth feeling smooth and savored. 

Cocktail Recommendations: Strongly recommend the classic Pisco sour or a mojito.


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