Triticale Bourbon Whiskey 5 Yr (Barrel Strength 57%)

Triticale Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Strength 5 YR 57% ABV 

It is made of 75% California Yellow Corn, 15% Triticale and 10% Barley. Double pot distilled we allowed to age for 5 years in our Char 4 American Oak Barrels which is a testament to its smooth taste.  Bourbon is one of our marque spirits and was worth the wait!


Tasting Notes: Smooth and sweet like nose, with a slightly spice but deep rounded carmelly body taste that is smooth and lasts…one you don’t want to lose or miss!

Cocktail Recommendation: We recommend trying this neat or on ice and then in your favorite drink such as an Old Fashion, Manhattan or Sour.


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