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Handcrafted Small Batch Spirits

We make our handcrafted small batch spirits from scratch. We don’t start with pre-made products. We create our product from the raw ingredients, grains and in some cases fruits. We take pride in knowing where our ingredients are from, that our grains are non-GMO and our fruit is not mechanically harvested. Many times we even know the farmer that grew them. We thrive on knowing that the same pride that we put into our finished product was given to the ingredients being grown to create it.

Sustainable Practices

We complete our sustainable circle and send our spent grains to the ranchers that raise the livestock that become the meats in our farmhouse kitchen. We call this grain-to-glass-to-plate. In the way that we take pride knowing where our ingredients originates and is cared for, the ranchers we work with receive premium grade feed for their livestock knowing the same. It’s a win-win for all, because when you sit down at our distillery & farmhouse, you know that the charcuterie you are eating was fed on the grain that made that cocktail in your hand.


Buy a Barrel

You can buy a barrel of your own. We have been laying down our American Single Malts and California Bourbons for the last three years. Our small barrel production is ripe for the picking. If you are interested in buying a our spirits, please reach out in contact form and we would be happy to get our spirits in your hand.