With an American Craft Twist

Immature Brandy (Pisco Style)

Pisco is dear to our hearts. It is a spirit that Peru and Chile to this day battle over who was the creator. It is a spirit of celebration and a spirit that we must make. In the USA we can’t legally call it Pisco, we don’t necessarily grow the traditional varietal of grapes either. To some it is know as similar to an eau de vie, in french, translating literally “water of life.” To America and the government regulating our labels it is know as Immature Brandy. To us it is a must make spirit.

Enjoy a Pis-cola or Pisco Sour and let us know what you think.

American Brandy

Our American Brandy is not traditional, in fact it is a new category coming to life in the craft distilling world. In California we are blessed with an amazing variety of grape varietals. We combine selected varietals and age them like an American Whiskey or Bourbon, in a new charred American Oak Barrel. I think you will find that there is a reason for this newly found categories traction. These spirits are bottled young compared to those of Cognac style brandy.

Brandy (Cognac Style)

Here we stay true to the Cognac style of brandy. Light, delicate grape varietals are used, Pinot Noir, Sauvingnon Blanc, Muscat and French Colombard. We age these early harvest, high acidity grape spirits in toasted French Limousin Oak Barrels. These spirits will lay to rest six, ten even twenty years. Here we stay true to the traditional style. Very limited production.

Single Varietals

These are part of our adventure series spirits. Here we explore the single varietals and what they have to offer individually. These are available only at the distillery in a limited production.