Other Spirits

These crafts are only available on premise at our distillery


We make two different Vodkas, one is a blend of grapes and the other a winter wheat. Both are distilled to be exceptionally smooth served straight up or used as the base to our in-house infusions.

Agave Spirit

A future product, in planning. We would call it “Tequila”, but we legally can’t because it’s not made in Jalisco, Mexico. Our 100% Blue Agave Spirit is vegan, non-gmo and certified organic. We will be making Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and Extra Anejo, all very small batch.

White Rum

Distilled from the highest grade molasses, presenting tropical fruits and bananas, finishing smooth. Prefect for a daiquiri, mojito or rum & coke.


A future product, in formulation.