American Single Malt

Our Flagship Whiskey is the American Single Malt. We release our Flagship in small batches twice a year. Each batch is different and we embrace this fact. We strive for our Single Malt to be distinctively different. The uniqueness, not being the same every time, is what makes it craft. We explore the nuances of flavor and the creativity with our recipe of ingredients because it is in our blood. We don’t try to make what has been made before.

We don’t chill filter our whiskey ever! All this does is remove the goodness from the bottle. We don’t extend our heads and tails cuts to allow for greater production volume, we only give you the hearts of hearts and explore the boundary of tails as there are good flavors and congeners that must not be left behind.

To learn more about the bottle you purchased, please revisit our website, look up your bottle batch number and read about the beautiful composition that makes up that batch.

California Bourbon

Our California Bourbon is 100% California grown. California is know for some of the sweetest, most delicious corn in America. What better than to make that corn become bourbon. Our bourbon is 75% Non-GMO California Sweet Corn, 10% percent California 2-Row Barley and we rotate the remaining 15%, with a specialty grain to create unique flavor profiles. Again, no batch is the same, because no barrel is the same, we craft with adventure.

We are working with a few California Farmers in growing Organic Heirloom Corns which we will be eventually rotating in and releasing in very small batches.

New Make (Unaged Whiskey)

New Make is the original product straight from the still, also know as White Dog. Our New Make is the hearts of hearts cut of our Single Malt spirit before it would be transferred to barrel. From conception we weren’t thinking of releasing an unaged whiskey, but our spirit taste so good coming of the still we felt we had to share. A great aged whiskey is not made by taking less than average New Make and barreling it, we believe the New Make should be the very best spirit possible before entering a barrel to truly create a quality aged spirit.

Our New Make is a great as a replacement for vodka, tequila or rum in cocktails. Try it in a Bloody Mary, Margarita or in a Whiskey & Coke.

Distillery Only Releases

These are small batch, single barrel and special blend releases. Very limited production and only available at the distillery.